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A variety of Iaido supplies, such as Mekuginuki Hammer, Sageo, Uchiko, Sword Kits, Choji Oil
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Choji Sword Oil
List Price: $15.50
Our Price: $12.90
You save $2.60!


Oil speciallized to lubricate the Katana to avoid rusting. Made of Choji fruit oil.
Knee Protector
List Price: $18.50
Our Price: $15.40
Sale Price: $11.81
You save $6.69!


Knee Protector. Ideal for Iai practices.
This item comes in a pair.
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Plastic Bokken Saya (Sword Scabbard)
Plastic Bokken Saya (Sword Scabbard)
List Price: $25.50
Our Price: $21.20
You save $4.30!


Approximate weight: 90g
Color: Black
Approximate Length: 78cm (30.5in)
Approximate circumference: 11cm (4.25in)
Approximate KOIKUCHI circunference: 9cm (3.5in)
Material: Light weight plastic
This plastic saya with KURIGATA is Ideal for beginner Iai practices.

Sword Care Powder
List Price: $30.50
Our Price: $25.40
You save $5.10!

Uchiko Sword care powder
Sword Care Tool set
List Price: $46.00
Our Price: $38.30
You save $7.70!


Complete set to take care of your Katana. Includes Uchiko, Choji Oil, and Nugui Gami.
Nafuda Patch (Name Tag) for Iaido Gi
Zekken - Nafuda Patch (Name Tag) for Iaido Gi
Our Price: $39.99


If you have an Iaido uniform that does not have your name on, you can personalize it by having a Nafuda (name patch). If you need to have your name writen in Kanji, Japanese characters or English, or need any special instruction, please write it down in the Remarks section of the order form, or send us a fax at +1-949-756-8887

4 x 6in