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WOO-KEN-BOG-HP525MMSET-   $399 Only! High Performance 2.5/5 mm Machine Stitched Kendo Bogu
OUT-CLE-081224-083   ** CLEARANCE ** Taekwondo Uniform Top with White Collar- size 5
OUT-141121-FULLCON-6A   ** OUTLET ** BUTOKU Full Contact Karate Uniform Set (MFC12)
OUT-010814-KEN-2DO-50_GBN   ** OUTLET ** Yamato Bamboo Look Do - Goban Betazashi with Embroidery
OUT-070213-KEN-2DO-50_HK   ** OUTLET ** Yamato Bamboo Look Do - Hon Kumo (M)
OUT-20180224-TARE3MM-ORI-L   ** OUTLET ** 3mm Orizashi Tare - Size Regular/L
OUT-20180224-TARE4MM-ORI-L   ** OUTLET ** 4mm Orizashi Tare - Size Regular/L
OUT-150831-BLK-KEIKOGI-6   ** OUTLET ** Black Jersey Keikogi for Summer - size 6
OUT-141120-KARATE-BLACK1-2   ** OUTLET ** Black Karate Uniform - Size 2
OUT-20180217-HAK-BTET-22   ** OUTLET ** Black Tetron Hakama - Size 22
OUT-20180217-HAK-BTET-28   ** OUTLET ** Black Tetron Hakama -size 28
OUT-090311-BLUEKICKS-XL   ** OUTLET ** BLUE Speedy Kicks (XL)
OUT-081313-BOX-GLOVE-L   ** OUTLET ** Boxing Gloves - size L
OUT-141121-HDT-5   ** OUTLET ** BUTOKU HiDriTex Kendo Uniform - Size 5
OUT-081213-8HAK-21   ** OUTLET ** Dark Navy Shoaizome Kendo Hakama #8,000 - Size 21
OUT-120719-SPR-DIPDHEAD-S   ** OUTLET ** Dipped Foam Head Guard
OUT-20180224-TARE3GOB-ORI-L   ** OUTLET ** Gobanzashi 3Bu Tare - Size L/Regular
OUT-150903-TAREJR-M   ** OUTLET ** High Performance Tare for JUNIOR size M
OUT-081313-KEN-MEN6-64   ** OUTLET ** High quality 6 MM Men - size 64cm
OUT-151219-KEN-KEIKOGIW-6   ** OUTLET ** Kendo Super Keikogi White with HiDriTex -size 6
OUT-141120-KARATE-BLACK-2   ** OUTLET ** Light Weight Black Karate Uniform - Size 2
OUT-141120-LWKARATE-BLACK-4   ** OUTLET ** Light Weight Black Karate Uniform - Size 4
OUT-130508-02LWHAK-17   ** OUTLET ** Light Weight Cotton Hakama - Size 17
OUT-141121-LWKARATE-000   ** OUTLET ** Light Weight Karate Uniform - Size 000
OUT-20180224-BOG-TZS12-SET   ** OUTLET ** Master Quality 1.2Bu Hand Stitched Bogu Set
OUT-160730-KENSHU-KOTE-24x22   ** OUTLET ** Master Quality Kenshu Kote - Size 24x22
OUT-141120-KARATE-BLACK-7   ** OUTLET ** Medium Black Karate Uniform TOP - Size 7
OUT-100312-MIZUNO-25Y   ** OUTLET ** MIZUNO Judo Uniform "YUSHO" - size 2.5Y
OUT-021813-KENDOGI-1   ** OUTLET ** Navy Blue Single Layer Kendo Kendogi-size 1
OUT-20180217-HAK-NBTET-21   ** OUTLET ** Navy Blue Tetron Hakama - Size 21
OUT-20180217-NBHAK-24   ** OUTLET ** Navy Blue Tetron Hakama - Size 24
OUT-20180217-HAK8-30   ** OUTLET ** SHOAIZOME #8000 Hakama - Size 30
OUT-013014-KEN-KEI-TQ2LYR-NAVY   ** OUTLET ** Shoaizome Double Layer Kendo Keikogi (Anniversary Special) - Size 5
OUT-20180224-TAREJR-S   ** OUTLET ** Tare for JUNIOR size S
OUT-20180217-HAK10-28   ** OUTLET ** Top Quality 10,000 SHOAIZOME Hakama - Size 28
OUT-20180217-HAK10-29   ** OUTLET ** Top Quality 10,000 SHOAIZOME Hakama - Size 29 ( w/ Himo Extension)
OUT-121031-2MEN-70   ** OUTLET ** Top Quality 2mm Men -size 68cm
OUT-121102-KEN-LWKOTE-19x19   ** OUTLET ** Top Quality 4mm Machine Stitched Kote (left)- Size 20 x 20
OUT-141218-5MM-MEN-64   ** OUTLET ** Top quality 5 mm Men Size 64
OUT-161210-KEN-WHITE-5   ** OUTLET ** Top Quality White Single Kendogi size 5
OUT-160604-HAK-WTET-27   ** OUTLET ** White Tetron Hakama - Size 27
OUT-141120-TAK-6   ***OUTLET*** Taekwondo Uniform Set with White Collar TOP- size 6
OUT-160210-MBELT-03   ***OUTLET***Butoku Master Quality Black Belt 2" for Judo/Karate - size 3
OUT-150619-IAIOBI-WHITE2   ***OUTLET***Top Quality Obi for Iai White - size 2
OUT-150619-IAIOBI-WHITE3   ***OUTLET***Top Quality Obi for Iai White - size 3
STR-BAG-BOG-GKT-ALLINONEBAG   [Global Kendo Traveler] Deluxe All-in-one Shinai/Bogu Travel Bag
STR-BAG-BOG-GKTTOTE   [Global Kendo Traveler] Deluxe Tote Bogu Bag
TAK-AIK-UNI-A550G-WHITE-ALL   [SEIKA] Top Quality BUTOKU Bleached AIKIDO Uniform Set
EBO-BTS-BOKX10   10 Bokken (BOKUTO) Bundle Discount
EBO-PUB-DVD-12WKCSET-   12WKC Collection Set (All Divisions) DVD
EBO-PUB-VID-12WKCSET-   12WKC Collection Set (All Divisions) Video
EBO-PUB-DVD-12WKCMEN-IND-   12WKC Men's Individual Competition DVD
EBO-PUB-VID-12WKCMEN-IND-   12WKC Men's Individual Competition Video
EBO-PUB-DVD-12WKCMEN-TEAM-   12WKC Men's Team Competition DVD
EBO-PUB-VID-12WKCMEN-TEAM-   12WKC Men's Team Competition Video
EBO-PUB-DVD-12WKCWOMEN-   12WKC Women's Competition DVD
EBO-PUB-VID-12WKCWOMEN-   12WKC Women's Competition Video
ANK-BAG-SHI-COTTON-WKC   13th World Kendo Championships Souvenir Shinai Bag
EBO-ACC-TSHIRT-WKC   13WKC Souvenir T-shirts (Various Colors)
EBO-ACC-TSHIRT-WKC15   15WKC Souvenir T-shirt
EBO-ACC-TSHIRT-WKC16   16WKC Souvenir T-shirt
YUT-IAI-SWO-KA 3SBLACK-   2 Tier Black Wooden Sword Stand
YUT-IAI-SWO-KA 3S-NATURAL-   2 Tier Natural Wooden Sword Stand
IND-IAI-SWO-KA 15S-BLACK-   3 Tier Black Wooden Sword Stand
IND-IAI-SWO-KA 7S-NATURAL-   3 Tier Natural Wooden Sword Stand
EBO-PUB-VID-AJKC34-   34th All Japan Kendo Championships (11/3/1986)
EBO-PUB-VID-AJKC41   41th All Japan Kendo Championships (11/3/1993)
EBO-PUB-VID-AJKC45-   45th All Japan Kendo Championships (11/3/1997)
EBO-PUB-VID-AJKC46-   46th All Japan Kendo Championships (11/3/1998)
EBO-PUB-VID-AJKC47-   47th All Japan Kendo Championships (11/3/1999)
EBO-PUB-VID-AJKC48-   48th All Japan Kendo Championships (11/3/2000)
EBO-PUB-VID-AJKC49-   49th All Japan Kendo Championship (11/3/2001)
EBO-PUB-VID-AJKC50-   50th All Japan Kendo Chamionship (11/3/2002)
IND-WEA-BO-MS 25-   72" Tapered Bo
HIR-PRO-ACHILESSUP-   Achilles Supporter
ANK-BAG-BOG-BACKPACK3G-S   All New! TOZAN 3G Backpack Style Kendo Bogu Bag - Size Medium
ANK-BAG-BOG-BACKPACK3G-L   All New! TOZAN 4G Backpack Style Kendo Bogu Bag - Adult Size
AUKC-SOU-TSHIRT   All U.S. Kendo Championships Souvenir T-shirt
HIR-KEN-SHI-ITTSUBA-BLACK   ALL-IN-ONE Tsuba ITTAI - For Up to 36 Shinai - Black
HIR-KEN-SHI-ITTSUBA-BLUE   ALL-IN-ONE Tsuba ITTAI - For Up to 36 Shinai - Blue
HIR-KEN-SHI-ITTSUBA-RED   ALL-IN-ONE Tsuba ITTAI - For Up to 36 Shinai - Red
ANK-KEN-SHI-No22-BAMB-39   ARIGA BESSAKU No22 :: Master Quality MADAKE Koto/Chokuto Shinai SHORT Grip [Bamboo Only - Size 39]
NKO-CD-PMR-27-ASIADRUMS2   Asian Drums II / Kiyoshi Yoshida
ATX-KINESIO-12PC-ALL   Atex Kinesio Tape Dozen
ATX-KINESIO-1PC-ALL   Atex Kinesio Tape Single
EBO-BTS-SHI39X10   Back To School 10 Shinai Bundle (Sizes 39)
EBO-BTS-KARATEUNIX10   Back To School 10 Student Karate Set Bundle Special
EBO-COM-BOG-BKPK3G-5HOLD-S   Backpack TOZAN Bogu Bag 3G (Medium size) and Versatile Shinai Bag Set
EBO-COM-BOG-BKPK3G-5HOLD-L   Backpack TOZAN Bogu Bag 4G (Regular size) and Versatile Shinai Bag Set
ANK-KEN-ACC-HANAKAKI   Bamboo Hanakaki-bo
ANK-KEN-SHI-BIZENCOMP-T-39   BIZEN :: Top Quality MADAKE Dobari Shinai Thick Grip [Assembled - Size 39]
ANK-KEN-SHI-BIZENBAMB-T-39   BIZEN :: Top Quality MADAKE Dobari Shinai Thick Grip [Bamboo Only - Size 39]
IND-ACC-GIF-KUBATON-KEYCHAIN-   Black Aluminum Kubaton Key Chain for Self-Defense
IND-TRA-HC-24-   Black PVC Heavy Duty Durable Kick Shield
IND-BAG-WEA-MS-1B-   Black Tonfa Bag
BOD-TIT-NEC-REG-BLUE-   Body Level Titanium, Tourmaline, and Germanium Necklace Blue
BOD-TIT-NEC-REG-ORANGE-   Body Level Titanium, Tourmaline, and Germanium Necklace Orange
BOD-TIT-NEC-REG-PINK-   Body Level Titanium, Tourmaline, and Germanium Necklace Pink
BOD-TIT-NEC-REG-RED-   Body Level Titanium, Tourmaline, and Germanium Necklace Red
EBO-KEN-BOG-BOGUEMB-   Bogu Customization - Name embroidery
EBO-KEN-BOG-KOTELEATHER-BLUE   Bogu Repair: Shoaizome Navy Blue deear Skin 9inch x 9inch
YUT-KEN-BOK-STOPPER-   Bokuto Rubber Stopper
YUT-KEN-SHI-BOKUTOTSUBA-   Bokuto Tsuba and Dome
EBO-KEN-SHI-HQCOMP-50BULK   Bulk Special - Complete Kendo Shinai with leather parts (Bulk of 50)
EBO-BTS-ZEKKENX5   Bundle Discount Kendo Zekken (Nafuda Name Tag)
NRN-KAR-OBI-SOLID-BLACK-MQ   Butoku Master Quality Black Belt 2" for Judo/Karate
EBO-BUT-MEM-1STMONTH39-   Butokuden 1st month Trial
EBO-BUT-MISC-DRINK   Butokuden Cold Drink
EBO-BUT-ESK-PSET-JR   Butokuden Enshin Karate Set - JR
EBO-BUT-ESK-PSET-SR   Butokuden Enshin Karate Set - SR
EBO-BUT-MEM-FEE1-   Butokuden Fee $1
EBO-BUT-MEM-FEE30-   Butokuden Fee $30
EBO-BUT-MEM-FEE35-   Butokuden Fee $35
EBO-BUT-MEM-FEE40-   Butokuden Fee $40
EBO-BUT-MEM-FEE45-   Butokuden Fee $45
EBO-BUT-MEM-FEE50-   Butokuden Fee $50
EBO-BUT-MEM-FEE65-   Butokuden Fee $65
EBO-BUT-MEM-FEE70-   Butokuden Fee $70
EBO-BUT-MEM-FEE75-   Butokuden Fee $75
EBO-BUT-MEM-FEE80-   Butokuden Fee $80
EBO-BUT-MEM-MONTHLY29-   Butokuden Membership $29
EBO-BUT-MEM-REGIST35-   Butokuden Membership $35 - Registration Fee
EBO-BUT-MEM-REGIST40   Butokuden Membership $40 - Registration Fee
EBO-BUT-MEM-MONTHLY49   Butokuden Membership $49
EBO-BUT-MEM-MONTHLY69   Butokuden Membership $69
EBO-BUT-MEM-MONTHLY100-   Butokuden Membership Ticket
EBO-BUT-MEM-MONTHLY49MOM   Butokuden Mom Membership $45
EBO-BUT-MISC-OTHER   Butokuden Other Revenue
EBO-BUT-MEM-REGISTRATION35-   Butokuden Registration 1 Year
EBO-BUT-RENTAL-1HOUR   Butokuden Studio Rental
IND-SPA-HD 15-   Chest Protector
HIR-KEN-BOG-CHICHIGAWATOP-   Chichigawa (Leather loop for Top part of Do)
HIR-KEN-BOG-7SHAKUMENLEATHER2   Chichikawa Men Leather (for 7 Shaku Men Himo)
HIR-KEN-BOG-7SHAKUMENLEATHER-N   Chichikawa Men Leather (for 7 Shaku Men Himo) - Navy Blue Clarino
HIR-KEN-BOG-7SHAKUMENLEATHER-   Chichikawa Men Leather (for 7 Shaku Men Himo) with Embroidery
HIR-KEN-BOG-8SHAKUMENLEATHER   Chichikawa Men Leather (for 8 Shaku Men Himo)
ANK-KEN-BOG-CKAWA7-IND-ALL   Chichikawa Men Leather Inden Style (for 7 Shaku Men Himo)
HIR-IAI-ACC-CHOJI-   Choji Sword Oil
USM-JUD-UNI-COMPE-REV-ALL   Competition Judo Uniform (Reversible Blue/White)
IND-SPA-HC-4-   Cowhide Finger Gloves
SAM-KEN-BOG-HP3MMSET-WHITE-   Custom Made High Quality 3mm White Kendo Bogu
SAM-KEN-BOG-TQCUST2MMSET-   Custom Made Top Quality 2 mm Machine Stitch Kendo Bogu
WOO-KEN-BOG-SAMEDO-   CUSTOM Master Quality SAME DO (Shark Skin) 60 Bamboo Do
HIR-KEN-BOG-KIJIDO-   CUSTOM Top Quality Bamboo Kiji Do
SAM-KEN-BOG-50YAMATODO-BLACK-   CUSTOM Top Quality Custom Yamato Do (Bamboo Imitation)
HIR-KEN-BOG-IMISAMEDO-   CUSTOM Top Quality Imitation Shark Skin Do (60 Bamboo Look Do)
TAK-AIK-HAK-MQ10-NAVY-ALL   Dark Navy BUSHU Shoaizome Hakama #10,000
TAK-KEN-HAK-MQ10-NAVY-ALL   Dark Navy BUSHU Shoaizome Kendo Hakama #10,000
EBO-COM-HAK-10000COMBO-   Dark Navy Shoaizome #10000 Hakama & Double Layer Kendogi Set
EBO-COM-HAK-5000COMBO-   Dark Navy Shoaizome #5000 Hakama & Single Layer Kendogi Set
EBO-COM-HAK-SK5000-ALL   Dark Navy Shoaizome #5000 Hakama & Super Keikogi Set
EBO-COM-HAK-SINGLE8000-ALL   Dark Navy Shoaizome #8000 Hakama + Kendo Keikogi HALF PRICE
EBO-COM-BOG-DLXBB-   Deluxe Bogu Bag Combination
ANK-BAG-SHI-10HOLD-   Deluxe ENSEI Shinai Bag (Holds 10 Shinais or Bokkens)
HIR-PRO-YAMAHEEL-   Deluxe Heel Pad
HAY-KEN-SHI-ISHIZUKI   Deluxe ISHIZUKI (End Cap) Leather for Naginata
TAK-KEN-KEI-JUBAN-ALL   Deluxe JUBAN Shitagi (Undergarment) for Martial Arts (100% Cotton)
TAK-IAI-OBI-KAKUOBI-BLACK-   Deluxe Kaku Obi for Iai - Black
TAK-IAI-OBI-KAKUOBI-BROWN-   Deluxe Kaku Obi for Iai - Brown
TAK-IAI-OBI-KAKUOBI-GRAY-   Deluxe Kaku Obi for Iai - Gray
TAK-IAI-OBI-KAKUOBI-GREEN-   Deluxe Kaku Obi for Iai - Green
TAK-IAI-OBI-KAKUOBI-NAVY-   Deluxe Kaku Obi for Iai - Navy
TAK-IAI-OBI-KAKUOBI-TEKKON-   Deluxe Kaku Obi for Iai - Tekkon
TAK-IAI-OBI-KAKUOBI-WHITE-   Deluxe Kaku Obi for Iai - WHITE
TAK-BAG-BOG-DELUXE-   Deluxe Kendo Bogu Bag
EBO-ACC-ZEKKEN-TFLEX   Deluxe Kendo Zekken - Nafuda Name Tag (TFlex - High Heat Transfer)
EBO-ACC-ZEKKEN-TFLEXLOGO   Deluxe Kendo Zekken - Nafuda Name Tag (TFlex - High Heat Transfer) w/ Club Team Logo
TAK-BAG-BOG-ROLLERBAG-   Deluxe Roller Bag for Kendo Bogu
HAY-KEN-SHI-SAKIGAWA-   Deluxe Sakigawa for Shinai
TAK-BAG-BOG-TRAVEL-   Deluxe Travel Kendo Bogu Bag
EBO-IAI-UNI-NAF-TFLEX   DELUXE Zekken - Nafuda Name patch for Iaido Gi (TFLEX - HIGH HEAT TRANSFER)
IND-SPA-BL 8-   Dipped Foam Head Guard
IND-SPA-BL 8BLUE   Dipped Foam Head Guard - BLUE
IND-SPA-BL 14-   Dipped Foam Punching Gloves
HIR-KEN-BOG-CHICHIGAWASIDE-   Do-yoko-chichi gawa (Leather loop for Side part of Do)
ANK-KEN-SHI-STPR-   DOMO Tsuba Dome (Stopper)
HIR-IAI-IAI-DOUTA-   Douta Nuki Iaito
EBO-CAL-2018   E-BOGU Calendar 2018
KAN-ACC-TENUGUI-BLACK-   E-bogu Tenugui Black
KAN-ACC-TENUGUI-BURGUNDY-   E-bogu Tenugui Burgundy
KAN-ACC-TENUGUI-GREEN-   E-bogu Tenugui Green Tea
KAN-ACC-TENUGUI-NAVY-   E-bogu Tenugui Navy Blue
KAN-ACC-TENUGUI-WHITE-   E-bogu Tenugui White
IND-PRO-MC 4 -   Elbow Protector
ANK-KEN-SHI-SHINAI-OIL   Extra Pure KURUMI Shinai Care Oil (Pure Walnut Oil)
DAI-HTH-FOOT-WMR   Foot Warmer
IND-PRO-MC 11-   Forearm and Hand Protector
HIR-KEN-SHI-FUDO-   Fudo - Tsuba Dome (Tsuba Stopper)
EBO-ACC-GLASS-FUDOSHIN   FUDOSHIN Pint Glass in Kanji writing
HAY-KEN-SHI-YAGYU-LONG   FUKURO :: Speciality Yagyu Shinkageryu Fukuro Shinai Long Grip [Assembled - Size 100cm/39.5in]
HAY-KEN-SHI-YAGBAMBOO-LONG   FUKURO :: Speciality Yagyu Shinkageryu Fukuro Shinai Long Grip [Bamboo Only - Size 100 CM]

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