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Master Quality Gobanzashi SUPER LIGHT Jissen Bogu (Custom Made)
Master Quality Gobanzashi Jissen Bogu (Custom)

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Fully Customizable GOBANZASHI JISSEN Bogu

E-BOGU.COM has been leading the evolution of Kendo Bogu making for the past 12 years. This GOBANZASHI JISSEN Bogu consolidates all of our experience and knowledge we have acquired listening to voices from our customers around the world. From high ranking Senseis and world championships players to beginners. This Bogu is very light and flexible, but most importantly, gives you the best protection and comfort.

"I have been doing Kendo for the past 37 years, and I went through many Bogus. But, I still remember the Bogu my grandmother bought me more than 30 years ago. It was a 2 mm machine stitched Bogu, which for a kid at that time, it was too good. I still have it, and look at it when I start designing a new Bogu. To be honest, it was a very heavy Bogu, and it took me a long time to break it in to feel comfortable using it. The Men had a Steel Mengane, which made it very heavy, but I was very happy at that time. This GOBANZASHI JISSEN Bogu, with the advanced technology and craftsmanship, it is a Bogu that is almost half of the weight what it used to be, and you can start wearing it from day one, as if you have been using this Bogu for years. The Men weights just over 2 lb (1.2 kg), Kote just over 1 lb (490 g), and Tare 1.5 lb (660 g). This Bogu will take you to a totally different level of training. The design is very simple and beautiful, using the best material for the Futons. The most remarkable thing about this Bogu is the GOBANZASHI stitching for all the Futons, giving a look and flexibility that only Tezashi (Hand Stitch) Bogu could offer. It is a very comfortable Bogu to wear. My goal is to produce a Bogu that all Kenshis would be looking forward to wearing everyday, for practices, tournaments and Dan promotion exams. " (Taro Ariga, E-BOGU.COM, Inc. CEO, Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan)
List Price: $1,015.80
EBOGU Low Price: $846.50 (starting at)
You save $169.30!

Availability:: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks
Product Code: ANK-KEN-BOG-GOB-5G-C

The following items are included in this product:

General Options (CTM)


Men Options (CTM)

Head Size (Around Chin)*:

Head Size (Around Forehead)*:


Menbuchi Color*:


Ago Kazari*:

Sashi Ito Color:

If Ago Kazari AA-02, AA-03, AA-04, AA-05,or AA-07 is selected, please select Sashi Ito Color


If Ago Kazari AA-01, AA-04, or AA-05 is selected, please select Shokko


Men Himo*:

Kote Options (CTM)

Hand Size (Length of Hand)*:

Hand Size (Width of Palm)*:


Do Options (CTM)

Do Choice*:

If custom-made, please select Mune Kazari and Do-Dai below.

Do Mune Kazari ***Custom Do Only***:

Custom-made Do Only

Sashi Ito Color ***Custom Do Only**:

If O, KA, KI, KU, KE, KO, SA, SHI, SU SE, SO TA, CHI, TE, or NA is selected for Mune Kazari, please select Sashi Ito Color.

Shokko ***Custom Do Only***:

If I, U, E, KA, KE, or SO is selected for Mune Kazari, please select Shokko.

Do Dai Color ***Custom Do Only***:

Custom-made Do Only

Do Himo*:

Tare Options (CTM)

Tare Size*:


Your Information (CTM)

Your Gender*:




Accessories (CTM)

Your Name on Bogu*:

I understand that an embroidery/yakiin form must be submitted after an order with custom embroidery/yakiin is placed AND that once the embroidery/yakiin is done on a product, return or exchange will NOT be accepted.

Bogu Bag*:


Description Sizes
Master Quality Gobanzashi SUPER LIGHT Jissen Bogu (Custom Made)

FUTON: #11,000 Shoaizome 100% Cotton Fabric
FUCHI Kawa (Borders Leather): Top Quality Shoaizome Deer Leather
INCLUDED: Standard Men Himo/Do Himo, Teunugui, and Chichigawa for the Men.

Men: 1.20 kg (2.1 lb)
Kote: Deer Skin Kote >> 545 g (1.3 lb) / Orizashi Kote >> 490 g (1.1 lb)
Tare: 661 g (1.7 lb)


Men Fuchi Color: Black/Red
Ago Design: Gobanzashi Dark Navy
Fuchi: Fukuro Nui
Reinforcement: Shoaizome Orizome

The Men has a simple look, with a medium length Mendare. The standard Men comes with the popular Gobanzashi Ago design. The Men Futon is made of may layers of cotton and Mosen, with makes the beautiful shape of the Mendare. The borders of the Mendare is the Fukuro Nui style, which keeps its shape, and makes it easier to do the Furikaburi motion. The back side of the Men is fully protected with the Shoaizome Deer Skin. The Howa (part that is in cotact with the face) is made of Shoaizome 100% Cotton fabric.

Kote comes in two different options.
(1) Shoaizome Deer Skin Double Kera Chagawa (Brown Deer Skin) Palm
(2) Shoaizome Orizashi Single Kera Micro Punch Palm Yoroi Gata
Inside Kobushi (Fist Chamber): Mix of Deer Hair and Cotton for optimum protection and light weigh.

Reinforcement: Shoaizome Orizashi
Design: 6 Dan Kazari
Futon Fuchi: Fukuro Nui

Tare has the same GOBANZASHI stitching throughout, with 6 Dan Kazari. Shoaizome Orizashi fabric is used in the reinforcement area. No Fuchi Kawa is used in order to create a beautiful look on the sides of the Tare, however, in the areas of the reinforcement, Top Quality Deer leather is used, in order to avoid wear and tear.

All E-BOGU Bogus include a 50 Bamboo Look Yamato Do, and it can be chosen from different types of most popular Mune Designs. The Mune (chest part) is manually crafted with top quality KUROZAN leather Mune. Do Himo, Chichigawa (leather pieces for the top and sides) are included.

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Legendary!!! November 10, 2014
Reviewer: Basil Schwendimann from Basel-Land, Bottmingen Switzerland  
Very good Bogu for a very good price.
Very light and comfortable. A good Bogu for Beginners and advanced person.

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Perfect November 6, 2013
Reviewer: Loïc from La Réunion Island  
I'd like to thank the customers service for their advices and their reactivity for the delivery.

The bogu is perfect. I chose to customize it, and everything is as I expected.

The fabric is very good, and the bogu is very light and confortable. It makes a huge difference with the bogu I used before.

I'm sure this bogu will help me to improve my kendo.

Definitely worth the price! I strongly recommend this bogu for any levels.

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Great Bogu for a great price! January 28, 2013
Reviewer: Antonio Garcia from Madrid, Spain  
Thank you for the fast service! Received the bogu in perfect condition.

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Perfect fit January 23, 2013
Reviewer: Masaru Saito from Cincinnati, OH  
I just got the FEDEX package over the weekend. I did not know they deliver on weekends.  The kote fit is perfect. I like the lining on the inner side of the kote. It gives you the soft feeling, when wearing. The men felt a bit tighter, but it will eventually expand, so I prefer to be little tight now. I did not go with the custom do, but the free do that comes with it is very nice. Last night practice, everyone was jealous of me. I strongly recommend this set.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Great price and quality! January 22, 2013
Reviewer: Keita Yamamoto from Raleigh, NC  
I ordered this bogu the same day it was announced, and I received today. The craftsmanship is beautiful, and unless you look at it very close, it looks like a hand stitched bogu. I like the weight and the softness of all parts, but specially the Kote. It feels very soft, as if I had been using it for a long time. Can't beat this! I would strongly recommend this bogu at our dojo. Even in Japan you can not find this quality at this price. Can't wait to practice with it. Arigatougozaimashita!

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