Name Embroidery on Bogu

Personalize your bogu set by placing an embroidered name tag on individual pieces of your set.
There are a variety of colors and the name tags are individually embroidered and stitched to your bogu set to give your bogu personal customization.
The tags are placed on the back side of the Men and the Tare, and on the outside of the Kote (Total of 4 pieces).
We also offer the service on your current Bogu set as well. So, if you have a bogu without the name, you can send it to us to place your name tags (shipping charge will be additional).
Bogu name embroidery usually takes 2-4 business days.
Once your name is put on your bogu, it will no longer be accepted for return or exchange.

Please note:
The embroidery will be done in the language the text was sent to us.
If you would like it written in Japanese characters please specify Katakana or Kanji and contact us at or +1(949)756-8880 for a translation.
Most non-Japanese words and names are written in Katakana.






KOTE (2pcs)