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Carry your Iaito safely, using Iaito Bags
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Budo Bag
Budo Bag
List Price: $10.00
E-BOGU Low Price: 8.30
You save $1.70!

High quality Double Katana Bag
List Price: $62.80
E-BOGU Low Price: 52.30
You save $10.50!

Newly designed original bag.
Easily carry your uniforms and Martial Arts equipment in this bag. Available in black color only.
(Note: This Bag is NOT large enough to hold Kendo Bogu)
Dimension: approx. 21in (53cm) x 11in (28cm) x 11in (28cm)
You can safely carry your Iaito in this bag. Fits TWO Katana. Made of synthetic material. Comes with the shoulder strap and a handle. It can also be used for carrying Bokkens.
Dimension: 44.5 x 8 in (113x20.5cm)
Weight: 2.6lb