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Master Quality Gobanzashi SUPER LIGHTNaginata Bogu
Top Quality JISSEN Naginata Keiryo (Light Weight) Bogu

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"E-BOGU.COM has been leading the evolution of Kendo Bogu making for the past 12 years. This GOBANZASHI JISSEN Bogu consolidates all of our experience and knowledge we have acquired listening to voices from our customers around the world. From high ranking Senseis and world championships players to beginners. This Bogu is very light and flexible, but most importantly, gives you the best protection and comfort.

Product Specification


Stitching Goban Cross Stitch

Fabric #11,000 Shoaizome

Finish Tematsuri (Hand Crafted)

Leather Parts Top Quality Navy Blue Deer Leather

Men Top Stitch Goban Cross Stitch

Men Futon Stitch Goban Cross Stitch

Mengane Hybrid(Titanium/Duraluminum Anti Bacterial)

Border Stitch Fukuro Nui (no border leather)

Ago Embroidery Goba Batsu

Ago Kazari 5 Dan (lines)

Back Kazari Black Kozakura

Futon Reinforcement Aizome Orizashi

Mune Leather Top Quality Kurozan

Mune Type All Avaliable Model

Mune Embroidery Gobanzashi

Mune Side Lines Triple lines

Do Material Yamato Bamboo Look

Borders Double fold

Kobushi Top Deer Leather, with split fingers for Naginata, white or brown, depending on your choice

Palm Brown deer leather/ Cralino

Namako Single Namako

Futon Reinforcement Navy Blue Cralino/
Top Deer Leather, white or brown, depending on your choice

Tare Obi Leather N/A

Himo Single fold (4 stitches) with the ends

Himo Enforcement Top Quality Navy Blue Deer Leather

Kazari 6 Dan (lines)

Back Kazari N/A

Tare Reinforcement Top Quality Navy Blue Deer Leather

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Master Quality Gobanzashi SUPER LIGHTNaginata Bogu

This Bogu was designed for High performance players, which can be used in everyday practices and tournaments.


Men Fuchi Color: Black/Red
Ago Design: Gobanzashi Dark Navy
Fuchi: Fukuro Nui
Reinforcement: Shoaizome Orizome

The Men has a simple look, with a medium length Mendare. The standard Men comes with the popular Gobanzashi Ago design.

The Men Futon is made of may layers of cotton and Mosen, with makes the beautiful shape of the Mendare. The borders of the Mendare is the Fukuro Nui style, which keeps its shape, and makes it easier to do the Furikaburi motion.

(pictured with upgraded Mengane)

The back side of the Men is fully protected with the Shoaizome Deer Skin. The Howa (part that is in cotact with the face) is made of Shoaizome 100% Cotton fabric.


Kote can be selected from the following options:

Brown Deer Leather

White Deer Leather

They are both single Kera Finish, with Top Quality Deer leather. The pointing finger is split, which is standard for Naginata Kotes.

Clarino -Top quality Navy blue Clarino is used.


Standard version comes with 50 Bamboo Look Yamato Do, in four different types of most popular Mune Design. All our Do comes with top quality KUROZAN leather Mune.

(1) Honkumo Gobanzashi

(2) Oni Kumo Gobanzashi

(3) Goban Betazashi with Embroidery

(4) Hinode

(5) Kabuto

(6) Yotsukumo

(7) Mitsukumo

(8) Esu-ji


Reinforcement: Shoaizome Orizashi
Design: 6 Dan Kazari
Futon Fuchi: Fukuro Nui

Tare has the same GOBANZASHI stitching throughout, with 6 Dan Kazari. Shoaizome Orizashi fabric is used in the reinforcement area.

No Fuchi Kawa is used in order to create a beautiful look on the sides of the Tare, however, in the areas of the reinforcement, Top Quality Deer leather is used, in order to avoid wear and tear.

Back view of the Tare.

Close up of the back of the Tare.


Top quality Suneate, for Naginata. Made of 100% Cotton, with Bamboo pieces tied with Balck leather.

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