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Kendo FAQs
Do you offer club discounts? Dojo Discount Program (EDDP)

Join our popular EDDP and start saving today!

By joining the EDDP, you will be saving on every purchase for your Dojo or organization from By signing up for EDDP, Inc. will automatically give you a discount on most of our products.

In order to open an EDDP account, you must provide a contact person for the Dojo or organization and all purchase must be done through the representative. This way we will save on order processing, and we would like to share that saving with you.  Also, by shipping to one location you will save on shipping costs.  If your Dojo/Organization is already an EDDP member and you want to join EDDP, you can! Just follow the step (1) below to create an account and let us know by e-mail or Phone your Dojo or Organization name.  We will then review, and activate your EDDP account.

Please follow the following instructions in order to apply for EDDP:

  1. Create an account over the internet. On the top right corner of our web site, you will see the a tag for "My Account/Order Status". Click on that and follow the instructions to create your account.
  2. Fill out the EDDP application form and fax it to us at +1 (949) 756-8887.
  3. After reviewing your EDDP application, we will activate your account.
  4. Once your account is activated, everytime you login to our account, you will see the new EDDP prices.

There is no cost to join, no annual fees, it is free! Just complete the attached application form and fax it to us at (949) 756-8887. After reviewing the application and approving it, we will contact to give you the userid and the password. Every time you visit our web site, login using the userid and the the password, and the EDDP discounted prices will be shown on your web browser automatically.

Start saving today!

>> Download EDDP Form


  1. EDDP can not be combined with other specials.
  2. EDDP Discount prices may change without prior notice.
  3. Inc. reserves the rights to terminate the EDDP without prior
  4. Discount rates does not apply to shipping fees.
  5. All orders must be placed ONLINE.
  6. EDDP applies to US domestic Dojos or organizations. For international
    Dojos, please contact [email protected].
  7. Check payment preferred.

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Do you offer equipment repair service?

Yes, we do. now has an in-house Kendo Equipment repair shop. Depending on the type of the repair, it can be repaired while you shop. Bring in your equipment, or ship it to our Showroom (Please use a trackable service).

Below are some of the most common repairs that we perform, however some of the major repairs can also be done. For repairs not listed below, please contact our office for a quote at [email protected]

  • Kote palm replacement
  • Kote hole patching
  • DO leather repair
  • Men border re-painting

Ship to: Inc. (Att: Bogu Repair Dep.)
1581 Browning, Irvine CA 92606, USA
Toll Free: 1 (866) DO-KENDO (365-3636)
Phone: +1 (949) 756-8880

How should I wash the Keikogi and Hakama?

The following are some important informantion to take good care of your Kendogi and Hakama:

  • You should use cold water to wash both Keikogi and Hakama.
  • You should never wash with other clothes, as the color from the indigo dye will come out and stain other clothes.
  • You should also NEVER place them in the dryer, as it will shrink in a large scale.
  • Do not use washer to wash them.
  • After washing the Hakama, before it is dried, fold to its original format and hang dry on the shadow or dry area.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.
What are the basic measurements required to purchase a Bogu Set?

Basically we need the following measurements. These measurements must be filled out prior to finalizing the order. Or you can FAX us the filled Order Form. The Order Form contains a diagram of the required measurements.

  • Head Size A and B
  • Hand Size A and B
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Waist size

What is the best way to avoid breaking the Shinai?

As you know, Shinais are made of bamboo (except for the carbon graphite Shinais), which will eventually break after extensive usage. However, some precautions may be taken to extend the life of a Shinai.

  • After purchasing a Shinai, disassemble the leather parts (if you purchased a complete set), and apply salad oil (Olive Oil gives the best performance) on all sides of the bamboo using a paper towel or some cloth. Let it sit for a day in order for the oil to be absorbed by the bamboo. Wipe off all excess oil from the bamboo. This will give a better color and endurance for the bomboo.
  • Rotate the bamboo every 3 5 practices. The side of the Shinai that strikes the opponent is the side that gets the most damage. By rotating the bamboo, the load is evenly balanced across the 4 pieces of bamboo.
What is the meaning of Bu (e.g. 1.0 Bu, 1.2 Bu, 1.5 Bu, 2 Bu) on the Hand stitched Bogus?
  Bu is a measurement from Japan that represents to about 3 mm.  Most Hand stitched Bogus are 1.0 Bu, 1.2 Bu and 1.5 Bu.  There used to be Bogus with larger stitchings than 2 Bu, however we do not see those kind anymore.
What is the meaning of stitching (e.g. 2 mm, 3 mm) on the Machine stitched Bogus?
  The millimeter measurement on the machine stitched bogus are the approximate distance between the stitching on the Bogu.  Smaller the number means that the stitching is spaced closer, giving better resistance to the strikes.  However, some people prefer the larger stitches, as it makes the Bogu softer.
What size shinai should I use?

In Kendo, the Shinai sizes are determined by the age and the gender of the person practicing Kendo. This is determined by the IKF (International Kendo Federation) rules and regulations. The weight and the length of the Shinai is measured at official competitions. Please refer below to the IKF Official regulations:


Shinai Size


 Jr. High School 

 High School 

 University Adult 

 Length  Male & Female  less than 114 cm  less than 117 cm  less than 120 cm
 Weight  Male  more than 440g 
 (Size 37)
 more than 480g 
 (Size 38 for Men) 

 more than 510g 
 (Size 39 for Men)

 Female  more than 400g 
 (Size 37)
 more than 420g 
 (Size 38 for women)
 more than 440g 
 (Size 39 for Women or
 Size 38 for Women)

 Diameter at the tip pf the shinai

 Male  more than 25 mm  more than 26 mm  more than 26 mm
 Female  more than 24 mm  more than 25 mm   more than 25 mm 

Shinai Size by Age

 Ages  Size
 4-6 years old  Size 32
 7-9 years old  Size 34
 10-12 years old  Size 36
 13-15 years old  Size 37

Nitoryu Shinai Size 



Long Shinai

Short Shinai

 Length  Male & Female  less than 114 cm  less than 62 cm
 Weight  Male  more than 440g  between 280g and 300g
 Female  more than 400g  between 250g and 280g

 Diameter at the tip pf the shinai

 Male  more than 25 mm  more than 24 mm
 Female  more than 24 mm  more than 24 mm