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How did come up with such lower price?
  The major contribution to the low prices that Inc. has been offering to its customers is the development a powerful beginning-to-end Supply Chain Management process, which decreases our unnecessary costs throughout our order to delivery process.  Also, by fully automating our e-procurement system, we are again lowering the prices of our products, maintaining our highest quality standards.
Is your main job, Taro?
  Yes, I can finally do that now. Before coming to the USA, I worked at IBM Japan for about 6 years, and then 2 years here in the US at Deloitte Consulting as an IT consultant.  After, I worked at Nissin International Transport USA as an IT Manager. Since 2005, I have been full time at and our Butokuden Dojo in Irvine. Most of my career was focused to information technology. My plan was to put together my Information Technology knowledge and traditional Kendo experience, to help people find good quality Kendo equipment over the Internet. My partner, Phil, is also an IT consultant, who is the head instructor at the Tustin Dojo.
What is vision for the future?

Our Motto is the following:

High Quality Martial Arts equipment for everyone, anywhere in the world!

Our vision is to be the contributing body for the growth of the Kendo and Martial Arts in the world. We are committed to provide High Quality Martial Arts Equipment for everyone, anywhere in the World.

Who is staff?

We have a team of 13 staff working at We all love kendo, and practice at least 3 times per week.

  • Taro (CEO) Renshi 7th Dan
  • Pilsoo (CFO) 5th Dan
  • Sadao 4th Dan ( Japan Manager)
  • Atsuko (Customer Support - Japanese/English)
  • Miho (Customer Support - Japanese/English)
  • Toya (Warehouse Manager)
  • Kenjiro (Warehouse) 1st Dan
  • Mayuko (Graphic Designer/Web Master) 

All sales, customer service, purchasing, and answer to customer e-mail are carefully supervized by our management.