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Taekwondo equipment designed for Kids and Junior sizes
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Dipped Foam Punching Gloves
List Price: $31.00
E-BOGU Low Price: 25.80
You save $5.20!

Taekwondo Uniform Set with White Collar Junior
List Price: $26.30
E-BOGU Low Price: 21.90
You save $4.40!
Chest Protector
List Price: $57.00
E-BOGU Low Price: 47.50
You save $9.50!

Dipped Foam Punching Gloves Top quality Taekwondo Uniform. This uniform set includes the top jacket, pants and a white rank belt. This Uniform is made of a blend of Cotton and Polyester (special treated) High quality impact absorbing chest guard that can be used for any martial arts. Blue/Red reversible with EVA foam padding inside PVC shell. String tie back for a very secure fit.
Reversible Chest Guard with Velcro
List Price: $33.00
E-BOGU Low Price: 27.50
You save $5.50!

Dipped Foam Head Guard
List Price: $37.40
E-BOGU Low Price: 31.10
You save $6.30!

Speedy Kicks
List Price: $34.20
E-BOGU Low Price: 28.50
You save $5.70!

Reversible Chest Guard

This Chest guard is designed for Tae Kwon Do, however it can be used for most of other martial arts styles

Reversible chest guard is made of one side being blue and the other side red, to distinguish when used at competitions.

Inside is composed of foam padding, and covered with a durable vinyl shell. It is commposed of straps that goes through loops on the sides and it is tied in the back to firm the chest guard to the body.
High quality and light weight Foam Head Guard that offers protection during rigorous martial arts training. Equipped with Velcro chin straps for a snug fit and air holes to promote ventilations for added comfort. 

 *Risk of injury still applies, please use with caution and only under instructor supervision
Dipped foam speedy kicks