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“I have alway received great service from E-Bogu. That is why it is my primary place to purchase martial arts equipment, that is not only high quality, but extremely beautiful. Which is one of the tenets of Kendo. “Beauty and perfection”."- Lucas Galutia, Oklahoma City, OK USA

"The shinai is an excellent build quality and the customer service provided by E-Bogu was exceptional!"- Dan, Portland, OR USA

"My recent purchase further solidifies my opinion of E-BOGU. Their merchandise is top quality, their prices are very reasonable, and delivery time is exceptional! My clothing fits and is of a quality that I'm sure will last for years. Thanks, E-BOGU!"- J A MacPherson Peters, Winnipeg, MB Canada

"Very nice bokken and the bag to hold it too very nice love it, very good services and advice from them asking about which bag best use for bokken thank you."- Elaine Guilloz, Sulphur, OK United States
"The product was delivered perfectly in Brazil. Thank you." - Tadeu Marinho Filho, Recife, PE Brazil

“Excellent Bokken, and very fast shipment. Thank you very much for making it possible for me to practice far away from my home Dojo!” - Michael Bach, Hermosillo, Mexico

“I truly appreciate E-BOGU’s attention to detail and customer support! Very precise in their communication and quick to ship. Will continue my business with them.”
- Yuri Figueroa, Nashville, TN United States

“Excellent value for the money. This bokken is solid, meant for bokken on bokken contact play. It’s even heavy enough to be considered a suburi.”
- Karl Matsunaga, Port Angeles, WA United States

“My old hakama is 100 percent cotton. It needs to be ironed to look presentable. This new tetron hakama does not need ironing. I machine washed it in cold water and put in the dryer on a low setting. It came out smooth with all the pleated lines still perfect. I don’t really want to iron, so this was just what I wanted. Totally worth the price and in black the hakam looks and also fits great. Highly recommend. Thanks E-BOGU!” - Keo, Fresno, CA United States

“Fabulous Gi top. Absolutely fabulous!” - Scott Brady, Billings, MT United States

“I ordered this Shinai to see how an octagonal grip would feel. I love it. For the price I spent I was more than satisfied with the quality of the shinai. Also, I ordered this along with a new hakama which was also excellent (tetron in black) and they literally arrived the next day. Granted I only live about five hours away from E-BOGU’s location, still this is just unexpected service quality. Thanks to sellers for operating such an excellent business. I look forward to ordering more products from them in the future.” - Keo, Fresno, CA United States

“I am just starting out with Iaido classes, and needed all the equipment to be successful. My teacher suggested E-BOGU. I found a starter set that had everything I was looking for. The customer service was great. It shipped in a reasonable amount of time, and everything fit. They even included a free backscratcher in the box!” - Aric, Santa Cruz, CA United States

“Just received the Zekkens I ordered, they look great. Service was great and I really appreciate that E-BOGU took the time to double check everything with me before order and that they could make them very quickly. Only downside was that they weren’t able to make the customized flag I requested but they refunded me for it and I have no complaints, will buy more of these in the future!” - Ambjorn Holmkvist, Vasterbotten Sweden

“I purchased this bag to use on my impending trip to Cologne for a Nito seminar and, so far, I am very happy with it. The speed of delivery was excellent, taking 3 days to reach me in the UK – it takes that long to get something delivered from inside the UK. The bag, although untested, looks to be very strong with plenty of space for my bogu and shinai. It’s padded for protection of your equipment and there are also additional zipped pockets on the inside to store other items such as spare parts or a wash kit. The bag has plenty of well riveted handles so you shouldn’t have any difficulty picking it up if required, but the 3 sturdy looking wheels on the bottom will probably negate this as they should make the bag more stable, when moving it, than having two wheels.” - Robert Tyrrell, Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire United Kingdom

“All in the title. Wonderful quality! Beautiful!” - Tammy Festejo, San Jose, CA United States

“I ordered this set and was wondering why I had to pay shipping. The staff at E=BOGU promptly notified me it was because the item was already discounted, and therefore not eligible for free shipping. Even though they didn’t have to, they still offered me a discount on the shipping charges, which was greatly appreciated. Their customer service was top notch. AND the bogu set is terrific! A well-made, high quality product! I will definitely make purchases from E-BOGU in the future! Thanks!!” - Lance, Brantford, ON Canada

“Shipping was super-fast and the gear is super high quality. I will purchase form here again.” - Shawn Goodin, Concord, CA United States

“Very good craftsmanship, especially satisfied with the bag. I’ll probably be looking for a Jo sometime soon. It’ll be nice to have a full length staff in the bag so the top doesn’t flop over as at the moment it only contains a bokken. The bokken is smooth with no pits or divots or knots or other major imperfections in the grain of the wood. There is a slight lip (perhaps 1/16 th of an inch or less) where the blade meets the handle. Crisp edges on the back, rounded front, good shape. I am very happy with it. This is my first bokken, and for the price I give it five stars. I would expect a bokken of absolute perfection to cost a great deal more, but for my purposes this is exactly what I wanted, and it didn’t empty my pocket to get.” - Kai Lewis, Sebastopol, CA United States

“An incredible piece; all as specified and a surprising fit from the start. Around the temples and ears a bit tight as yet, but this needs some breaking in, I guess. The fabric is very soft, as desired. The picture on the E-BOGU site does not do that justice. It feels very, very light, through the ‘heavy, top balanced’ frame was put in, so this works very well. I do have a slight concern on the back of the men, where the Himo go around the men and the head. Though some reinforcement has been placed there, I am a bit fearful the men Himo might wear out/start ‘sawing’ the soft fabric, through the added protection, just through regular use. This is as yet based on no facts, but if it becomes that, I will contact E-BOGU. Bottom line, as it stands now, I know what my next men would be; same as this one. Well worth the cost.” - Mark Herbold, Hoofddorp, Noord Holland Netherlands

“I been saving up for sometime to buy my first armor set. E-BOGU customer service was friendly and helpful. My armor fits like it was made for me and looks beautiful.” - Katherine Bunt, Rochester, NY United States

“Much more than was expected for the price for this Bogu. It is great quality and the price can’t be beat!” - Joseph B., Vicksburg, MI United States

“Great Aikidogi! Muy Buena calidad y estupendo servicio, E-BOGU resolvió; todas mis dudas contiempo antes de decidirme por el uniforme mas conveniente. Definitivamente recomiendo E-BOGU a todos los practicantes de artes marciales.” - Cristian Gutierrez, Santiago Chile

“I have tried many types of shinai, but the Mino adapts perfectly to my body. I am using it for more than ten years.” - Fernando Benavides, Quito, Ecuador

“Employees are very helpful and friendly. I ordered the wrong size for the hakama and they are quick to help with the RMA and the exchange process. Still have my old set of uniform from 4 years ago but had to get a new one because the gi is too small with some wear and tear on the hakama on the old set, they are durable and lasted quite long, for a decent price as well” - J, CA, United States

“Excellent color, weight and fit a size 4 for 5’8” and 170lbs. Shipping was on time, excellent review.” - Mohamed Ansari, Silver Springs, MD United States

“Received the item very fast after making the online purchase. The stand was nice, easy to assemble. I definitely would buy another one when needed.” - John Ledesma, Ewa Beach, HI United States

“Came as described and REALLY QUICKLY, I had expected the delivery to take a few days but in came in about a day or two after the order, upon arrival the bokken was strong and really well made (personally like swinging it around, and though sometimes it hits stuff, there hasn’t been any dent or scuffs or makes! It’s amazingly resilient!) and though the saya is plastic, it exceeded my expectation in being tough! This has been a great experience and I’d certainly buy this again.” - Ryan Y, Rosemead, CA United States

“Fast delivery and well packaged! Very pleased with the product – Thanks!” - Rich, FL United States

“Excellent quality. Good balance and weight. Ideal for beginner or experienced student alike, but recommend the more experienced consider getting one of these. Craftsmanship and attention to detail is unquestionable. Practical for all situations and training.” - Yelm, WA United States

“The product is great, lots of room for kendo gear. I was very pleased with the fast delivery to Australia, best service so far, thanks e-bogu!” - Christine Wawryk, Hahndorf, SA Australia

“The website was simple to use. It does require a lot of details before you can purchase, but that is only to ensure that you receive a product that fits. Ordering was just as easy. No problems at all. Their customer service staff is friendly and quick to respond to my emails (Thank you, Sunmi Lim). The product itself is everything I expected. There was nothing missing or broken. Everything was protected in plastic. It even came with a calendar that I wasn’t expecting. I couldn’t have asked for a better transaction.” - Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan

“I purchased two Zekkens for my two sons; looks nice and great service. E-BOGU emailed me with a design draft and asked if I like it before they started making it; that was thoughtful.” - Jason

“I’m a new Kendo student. This is my first Men. It is very comfortable and provides sturdy thick protection. I have no means to compare it to other types of men, but I am impressed with its comfort. I used it at practice today. Had my first “match” (2 minutes against my sensei) and I was wholly comfortable, protected and comfortable.” - Melissa Bautz, Lander, WY United States

“The customer rep. was very patient with me and very helpful as well. Great suggestions and product came very nicely and quick. Thank you so much. When my sensei tells me I’m ready for my bogu, I’m buying it from you.” - John Conley, Lompoc, CA United States

“This men solves a lot of issues I had with the “off the shelf” men. I have a big head and even the largest one felt too tight and the futon on the ones I used were too long. I chose the 2.0 Bu because it has a little more cushioned feel. 1.0 Bu feels very hard. This men has all the custom options and is a very good choice if you have specific requirements in your fitment. Custom is wasted if you are happy with the fit of your men. If you have issues with it, custom is the way to go.” - Bruce Kawaguchi, Los Angeles, CA United States

“This is my third set of bogu and after using it for a month I am very satisfied. The quality is good, the fit is excellent and the price is a bargain. It is very light weight, so senseis who spend a lot of time as motodachi may want heavier kote.
- GLOUCESTER, MA United States

“Delivery was very fast. Good quality habu.” - Wen Bo Zhou, Montreal, QC Canada

“Got it fast and the fukuro shinai is nicely done with bamboo and white leather” - Bilal, Mississauga, ON Canada

“The Jo arrived within a few days of ordering it, and it is exactly as described. Thanks E-BOGU!” - Robhert Frazier, San Francisco, CA United States

“This is a very nice Bokuto, nice color and finish” - Santa Monica, CA United States